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Moby – Wait For Me

July 15, 2009

Written By: White Chicks On Rap

Label: Mute, Little Idiot
Rating: 3 Guns

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Moby - Wait for Me

A morose, film noir scored album, Wait For Me is mostly an instrumental album, with sprinkles of vocals when needed. The downtempo feel is somber and meditative.

Even the album cover paints a picture of loneliness. With songs like Mistake, the message is very blunt, with lyrics like “I never felt this lost before and the world is closing doors.” Or Hope Is Gone, which has a death theme, “Leave me now, just leave me now, my hope is gone, all my time’s run out.”

This album is vastly different from Moby’s last album, Last Night which was more of a party club record. Wait For Me feels like that weight of the world on ones shoulders. An adult, esoteric record about how life can be that messed up, how life sometimes is serious.