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Gossip – Music For Men

October 22, 2009
Gossip - Music For Men

Written By: Zoe Porteous

Label: Columbia – Rating:

OK, this album should be called: “Music for women who loathe men and want to tell them why.” Not that I don’t fully sympathize with that point of view sometimes, and during those times this would be the album to listen to!

Obviously, someone really pissed of lead singer, Beth Ditto. While Music For Men’s sound is up-beat, the lyrics are obvious odes to the person or people that have hurt her.

“Love is a four-letter word that should never be heard.” – And that’s just a sample of the “love sucks” mentality of the album. I love that they made the album’s music highly enjoyable with the synth-pop dance beats and heavy drums.

The first track “Dimestore Diamond” is one of my favorites, although it tends to drag on a little bit; the lyrics are awesome and totally remind me of my life and early fashion forays. It’s a very danceable track, and I would be happy to play it at any of my parties.

Another good one is “pop goes the world” which sounds like Heart on crack, (which is a good thing). The drums in the intro lead you right into the song and have you up on your feet in an instant. Beth Dittos vocals, while not fantastic, carry the songs well and maintain that punk-pop sound.

Music For Men as a whole can in some parts drag on, yes we understand you have had your heart broken, who hasn’t? However, listening to each individual song as a single entity makes them sound fresh and entirely enjoyable. As a first time listener to Gossip, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised and intrigued by their sound. I have had a soft spot for a few “Heart” tracks like “Barracuda” and “Magic Man,” and can definitely hear their influence in Gossip.

I will be checking back with this band soon to see what else is coming our way.

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