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Elton John: The Bitch Is Back by Mark Bego

October 18, 2009

Written By: Victoria Hill
(Urban/Pop Editor)

For almost 50 years, Elton John has been a constant entertainer. More than a mere ‘piano man,’ Elton moved from playing smoky, dreary pubs to become one of the biggest icons of our time. His music has become the soundtrack of our lives, and his live performances are truly theatrical. Mark Bego, a best-selling biographer, takes you on a journey of the lavish, outrageous life that could only be lived by Elton himself.

The journey from Middlesex, England to the bright lights of Vegas, Broadway and the world was not easy for Reginald Kenneth Dwight, but he was driven to be more than a blue-collar worker living in a counsel house. Music was a salvation to the lonely boy who would become Elton John.

“Elton John: The Bitch Is Back” is an outstanding book which shows all the aspects of Elton’s life (addiction, weight gain, eating disorders, hair loss, affairs to living a clean, happy, healthy life with his partner David Furnish) without judging Elton. Mark’s writing makes you feel like you are experiencing Elton’s life first hand, which for me as a fan, is exciting.

Mark said “I specifically wanted to talk to people who personally know Elton, and who are not usually interviewed for Elton John books. These people’s insights into Elton make this quite exciting. Researching this book I interviewed Alice Cooper, Billy Wyman of The Rolling Stones, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Angela Bowie, Sarah Dash of LaBelle, Randy Jones of the Village People, Duncan Faure of The Bay City Rollers, and Gary Brooker of Procol Harum. I also received some great stories from Danny Hutton and Jimmy Greenspoon of Three Dog Night. A lot of people don’t realize that it was Three Dog Night who recorded the song that became America’s first exposure to Elton’s music, via their recording of ‘Lady Samantha.’ One of my most fun interviews was with the totally colorful and outrageous RuPaul. And, those are just some of the rock & roll figures quoted in the book! There are many more.”

“Elton John: The Bitch Is Back” is a must-have for any Elton fan. In an industry where music and artists are here today and gone tomorrow, this book shows that Elton is a true artist demonstrating class and showmanship. Personally, they don’t make them like Elton anymore.

Rating: 3 Guns