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Grace Koh

June 20, 2008

Position: Columnist (GK ClusterF*ck)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Bio: I’m an Iowa girl…born & raised. (That seems to shock the shit out of most.) I just spent 2 cultureless years in Vegas. (No…I wasn’t a stripper.) I’ve been in Print Production & Graphic Design for nearly 8 years. Then I told my wildly successful professional career to “f*ck off” so I could finally bite the bullet. At the end of April 2009, I moved to L.A. with -$1800 in my bank account…and a clichĂ© dream to go freelance.

Other random facts about me: I legally divorced my parents when I was 16. I was a fully licensed stock broker at 23. I’ve informally interviewed with the CIA for a clandestine agent position overseas. I’ve designed and managed projects for the biggest names in the liquor/brewing industries, for the most prevalent casinos in Vegas. Because of all this? I can’t get hired as a waitress in L.A. (despite desperate, repeated attempts). Aside from writing, I dabble in many ventures. Sketch Comedy. Stand-up. Music. Art. Oh-so-much more. Most days you’ll find me typing away in my breathtaking studio, scrupulously editing my latest non-fiction work or comedy sketch. Learn more about me at

Likes: (I have an affinity for…) farmers market. miniature things. points of ellipsis. old maps. typewriters. used book stores. kraft paper. office supplies. weekend getaways. latin. power tools. wood grain. snail mail. occasionally falling utterly in love with a complete stranger. very old houses. polaroid. a cleverly employed post script. foreign languages (particularly singing in them). things made by hand. windows. being ridiculous. manual cameras. trains. daydreams. astronomy. paper. randomness. the smell of scotch tape. the part of harmony in music. graphic novels. hardwood floors. independent films. genealogy. slide & overhead projectors. cigar boxes. obscurity. collecting books. paper & pantone swatches. silhouettes. museums. hydrangeas. art.

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