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Pigface – 6

August 14, 2009

Label: Full Effect
Rating: 2.5 Guns

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Written By: John Rabb

Seven years in the making, industrial super-group Pigface, has recently released its latest album “6,” which is an all-star offering of classic industrial music echoing the sounds of vintage Ministry, NIN, and KMFDM. “6” features the hypnotic beats, slashing guitars, and distorted vocals characteristic of the traditional industrial sound. 35 amazing musicians contributed to the album, including members of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Atari Teenage Riot, the Revolting Cocks, Sheep on Drugs, and many more. The record was mixed and manipulated at the Mattress Factory Studios in Chicago, Zeromancer Studio in Oslo, and A-String Sound in Beijing.

This unique record combines all the alumni – Levi, Connelly, and Esch – with newcomers Alex Moklebust, Hanin Elais, Noko, and Chant. Interestingly enough, it is some of the newer contributors that seem to make the biggest overall impact on the album. Fast-rising industrial newcomer Zeromancer performs what is certainly the catchiest tune of the record with “Mercenary,” and Martin Bowles brings “Dulcimer” to the table, which is at once beautiful and frightening. Several of the tracks on “6” have rebellious undertones, reminiscent of much of the group’s earlier ideology, such as “Fight the Power” and Byker’s “Sanctify,” which raise a collective middle finger against “safe” music.

The result of “6” is difficult to judge, seeing as there’s little to compare it with, along with the fact that there’s never been any consistency between the band’s many albums. “6” is nothing like its predecessors, and may lack a bit of the punch of earlier albums, but it still somehow manages to sound fresh and dangerous and uncontrollable.

Released June 16th, “6” has already topped the CMJ Top 200 Adds and the Top 5 RPM Adds. With the completion of the record, Pigface officially joins the team at Full Effect Records alongside Faster Pussycat, Majestic Crush, Paul Epic, the Newlydeads, and Rabbit Junk. Pigface hits the road this fall for a live tour.

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