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Cat Power – Dark End Of The Street EP

June 19, 2009

Label: Matador
Rating: 3 Guns

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Cat Power

Written By: White Chicks On Rap

Like a Christmas present for her fans, Cat Power has released an EP of songs that did not make it on 2008’s Jukebox album. Cat adds her deep soul to songs from Otis Redding, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Pogues, Aretha Franklin and Sandy Denny.

In these times of war, a bad economy and job loss, “Fortunate Son” still rings pretty true as it did in 1969. Cat’s version is very haunted, with what sounds like a faint wailing sound in the background.

“Who Knows Where The Times Goes” is another haunting song. Cat takes her time to stress each word in her performance.

My only problem with the album is that Cat’s cover of Space Oddity is not included. The song has gained attention in the new Lincoln MKS commercial and I think it is just a beautiful song. Hopefully, Cat will release it.

Unlike most cover albums, you can tell that Cat is a fan of the songs she singing. She strips the songs down and rebuilds them in her own vision and meaning and you do forget that you are listening to a cover.

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