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Kava Kava – Clarity

November 19, 2009

Kava Kava “Clarity” directed by Michael Slavens.

Label: Midnight Swimming.

UK band Kava Kava have released their new record Forwards on US label Midnight Swimming to rave reviews. Digital magazines and bloggers such as Skope, MadLoud, Verbicide, Be, Skiboard and Live to Ride are among the many who are giving the record high praise. “[Kava Kava] fully realizes a distinct and unique sound that is bringing the indie music scene to its knees … Well-earned confidence leaks through every song like sex streams from your television, says Indie Music Universe. They are also featured on the new iTunes game Tap Tap Revenge and songs from the record have appeared on Weeds, Xbox 360 snowboarding game Stoked, John From Cincinnati, and Dirt.