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organicArma- "Fear of Demente" On iTunes 10/20/09

October 19, 2009

organicArma releases “Fear of Demente” on iTunes 10/20/09…


1. Demente (3:53)
2. Fear (3:57)


“Fear” –
“Demente” –



organicArma PHOTO:


organicArma- Awarned & Discordia EP Review & Interview

October 14, 2009

Written By: Victoria Hill
(Urban/Pop Editor)

organicArma is a three piece electronica band from Miami, FL. The band performs their music on actual instruments (which you don’t see in Electronica), with all three members of the band serving multiple roles- songwriting, composing, etc. Unique and intelligent, members, phAxas, dhArma and IhArma create luscious, dark, primal beats based philosophical concepts.

The name organicArma is a reflection of our approach” says phAxas. “The ‘organic’ is that which cannot be controlled. Our music itself is our ‘arma’ or our ability to plan, build, and create within the constructs of what is unknown to man.” lhArma adds, “organicArma can also be a way to express the brain – our organic tool.” dhArma puts it, “It’s how a human being approaches everything that they cannot control. organicArma’s message, is to encourage listeners to question reality and create a new one based on their imagination.”

The bands two EP’s Awarned & Discordia give you a great introduction to what the band is about. Each EP contains the original organicArma version and remixes. Electronica fans will not be disappointed in this collection. Discordia has a dark, industrial feel and reminded me of Nine Inch Nails, but still unique- not just imitating. Awarned has a pounding jungle beat, that is great to dance to. The remixes are excellently done and keep the original feel alive while adding some new spice.

I am very impressed with organicArma and their approach to music. I could tell in listening to their music and interviewing them, how close each member is and their fearlessness to introduce ideas you normally don’t hear in music in general.

Make sure to download “Awarned (King Unique Remix),” from the Awarned EP.

Awarned and Discordia Eps are available online now.

WCOR: You incorporate philosophy, linguistics, psychology and science into your music, which does set you apart from what other bands are doing. What got you into Nietzsche, Jung or Fromm for example?

organicArma: The necessity comes from expressing new emotions through music. We realized that the generalities are controlling music and there has been a focus on sex, love, anger and power. We want to entertain people in a more seductive way utilizing concepts that express how things could be or ought to be and transform people into their opposites. From love to love is not it all, or from a tradition to trade the omnipotent for free will. We sing and play along to anything that makes us question.

WCOR: Electronica has been considered a genre for clubs. Your band encompasses more than the genre definition. How do you feel when people think Electronica is just dance music with no soul or message?

organicArma: Electronica has had some of the most relevant artists when we refer to new emotions and concepts. From Kraftwerk, Gorillaz, Rabbit in the Moon, Bjork and Depeche Mode. The genre allows one to play any style of music once you find a sound that is unique and particular to you. The ability to present it in an open dance format allows the message to pass through any pre-conceived notion. Also the genre lends itself to the possibility of transmission integrated with visuals that further connect the critical eye with the message.

WCOR: Electronica has many genres under its umbrella like trip-hop, dub, jungle, dub for example. Who’s inspired you within Electronica and what other styles of music have inspired you?

organicArma: Our list of influential artists is vast. To begin with a few: Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Plastikman, Orbital, Underworld, Rabbit in the Moon, Tricky, Portishead, Villalobos, Prodigy, Mouse on Mars, Herbert, FischerSpooner, Roni Size, Modeselektor and Uberzone.

Additional genres that interest us, either in their form or a mix of forms are: Techno, Minimal Techno, TechHouse, EBM, Dub, Drum & Bass, Breakbeats and lately we are having a lot of fun with DubStep. Anything that moves within electronica we will try because it is a great challenge to play those rhythms and produce those sounds.

WCOR: You have performed in many beautiful and exotic places. Have these cities and countries inspired your music and how you view the world?

organicArma: To play in Paris at the Louvre was a travel-in-time experience, moving from our music ships to the insights of the museum in front of one of the greatest kinetic artists Carlos Cruz Diez. It was like converting the past in the future. The audience was attending the fashion installation and they looked like performers with intricate wardrobe from all over the world. Our great friend and artist, Ruddy Candilllon, was projecting visual kinetic art amidst all of that. The senses were in motion. Our music in the moment had been inspired by Daft Punk and Motor and the analog-driven synth bass artists from France.

The Tour with FischerSpooner was also special in a similar sense. We remember talking about City Lights Library in San Francisco and experiencing the great history of The Fillmore, then playing a joke about Carrie the horror movie in a Portland ballroom and finally being in a theater rave in Detroit. Again, travel allows you to move through time. Past and future oscillating with your existence.

WCOR: I like your philosophy on how there is no one lead singer since all members are responsible for the lyrics and the overall sound. How do you write your songs? Do you write alone or collectively?

organicArma: We write the songs collectively based on concepts. We try to keep our own experiences as just part of the reality. We like to start from thesis. For example, in the case with “Fear” and “Demente”: Fear takes you from the possession of the inferior feeling to the possibility of controlling the adrenaline of the momentum to use it in your favor and Demente is the counterpart pushing you to create multiple personalities from where your brave alter ego can see the weak sensible human positive elements from traditions.

WCOR: Where do you see your career going? What would you like to accomplish?

organicArma: 11 Conceptual records. 11 Original songs each. Remix Albums. Live Performances with Live Recordings and Videos. A conceptual show that presents a philosophy where you can play any part from your conscience to the consciousness to the subconscious or the unknown. Where nothing is true and everything is allowed. With multiple personalities you can do that and stay in order with society, the ethics and the law. See OIA as a Pink Floyd with a movement that allows people to remain themselves while being opened to alternative realities.

WCOR: Is there any artist or producer you would like to work with and why?

organicArma: There are many artists we would enjoy working with. We are always opened to collaborate. Either through a remix, a jam, sharing sounds or changing the lyrics of an influential song. 

Organicarma – Awarned (King Unique Remix)

September 29, 2009

Download “Awarned (King Unique Remix)” by Organicarma
Off “Awarned EP”

MP3 courtesy of Rock Ridge Music

OrganicArma – "Awarned (Radio Edit)"

July 22, 2009

Download – OrganicArma – “Awarned (Radio Edit)
off the “Awarned” EP (Electronica)