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Kristinia DeBarge- Exposed

August 12, 2009

Label: Island/Soda Pop
Rating: 2.5 Guns

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Kristinia DeBarge - Exposed

Written By: Victoria H. (Urban Editor)

Kristinia may only be 19 years old, but she has done a lot in her career so far. Born into the 1980’s R & B group DeBarge (her father is James DeBarge), Kristinia got her start singing at age 3 and went into the recording studio at age 12with her father. At age 13, Kristinia was on the talent show American Juniors, making it to the semi-final round. At age 14, Kristinia met and started working with producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and by the age of 19, released her debut, Exposed.

The first single off the album is Goodbye, which samples the 1969 Steam song Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye. The song is featured in Nivea’s new skin care commercials. The song lets girls know that they are special, beautiful and that they do not have to settle for anyone who does not treat them with respect.

Exposed has a great team of pop producers and writers; in addition to Babyface, Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic frontman), The Jam and The Pentagon contribute catchy pop songs and R & B ballads. Kristinia also co-writes two songs on the album called Cried Me A River and It’s Gotta Be Love.

I like how Kristinia sings about subjects that other young adults can relate to; she is not trying to sound older than she is and her songs are relatable. Kristinia’s voice is energetic and a talent that will only expand. Exposed is a great debut for the newest pop princess.