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Down With Webster – Time To Win Vol. 1

November 23, 2009
Down With Webster - Time To Win Vol. 1

Written By: Joe Cardenas

Label: Universal/Motown – Rating:

It’s very refreshing to hear musicians cultivating different sounds and mixing genres into something new and different. Although the Hip-Hop/Rock genre isn’t a revelation, Down With Webster brings an original style that is catchy, fun, and full of energy.

The album starts with a dynamic sound, powerful beats and rhythms that just make you want to get up and shake it! The raspy vocals are enthusiastic, three rappers/singers take the mic and the diversity makes it so that the song never gets dull. It brings to mind the Beasties Boys with their juvenile style and in-your-face attitudes. The lyrics are bit pompous at times, which is to be expected from a genre like Hip-Hop, but their attitudes are so out there and so silly that it can’t be taken too seriously. And that, in part is what makes it so fun to listen to, knowing that it’s just a bunch of eccentric dudes making music and having a good time with it.

The second track ‘Whoa Is Me’ is a bit repetitive. The usage of the word ‘whoa’ is much overused, and having listened to a lot of The Offspring and many other punk bands, I know how frustrating it gets having to hear it over and over again. This song, along with ‘Miracle Mile,’ is a bit too much. They don’t go overboard with their length but I just feel like the songs could have been trimmed down. Hip-hop is known for having repetitive beats, and beats such as these are good for the dance floor, but I couldn’t get past the minor annoyance.

DWW really mix the genres of Hip-Hop and Rock very well. An example is a personal favorite of mine, ‘Back Of My Hand.’ The upbeat drums and catchy synths keep the rhythm solid like they would on a Hip Hop album. The lyrics are on the darker side compared to the rest of the album and are expressed by passionate, near-shouting vocals. The vocals are a nice fit for a song about love/betrayal and are reminiscent of many Pop-Rock bands. This song demonstrates the best example of their work. It is masterful, and has the potential to be a great hit.

The album is a joy to listen to. It’s full of energy and at times quite humorous (especially their Hall and Oats cover song: ‘Rich Girl’). They display a variety of talent and do the genre of Hip-Hop/Rock justice. Hopefully with some time and maturity they can start busting out more classics like ‘Back Of My Hand,’ and focus on making more songs too. The album as a whole is unfortunately only 24 minutes long, and I found that extremely disappointing. This is not an EP. It is the actual album and is not nearly long enough! Its title ‘Time to Win, Vol. 1’ might suggest another album is in the works and coming out soon, but I have to grade them down cause I really wanted to hear more!

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