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Topher Jenkins

June 20, 2008

Position: Columnist (More Underground Than China)

Location: Sacramento, CA

Bio: Chris is a writer who treads lightly and carries a big stick — literally. He mastered the didgeridoo early in life, and has been traveling the world with the lengthy wooden instrument ever since. He’s recognized as a performer, but prefers to use the written word to unfurl this generation’s deeper truths. If you ask him for a word of advice, he’s likely to say, “Refine your style to a niche.”

Likes: Chris enjoys music that makes him laugh, like Ween. If he’s working on something difficult or serious, it’s Deftones; only loosening up when MGMT plays in clubs. He’s currently finding an interest in Sacramento indie bands, Be Brave Bold Robot, Goodness Gracious Me, Phantom Jets, and Prieta. Rare and peaceful world-beats, like Yat-Kha, comprise his penultimate musical preference, especially in type-A traffic jams. Overall what he listens to the most is dated underground hip hop that stirs thoughts, like Binary Star, Blueprint, Eyedea and Abilities, Living Legends, People Under the Stairs, Sage Francis, Visionaries, and Zion I.

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