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Ketch Harbour Wolves – Dead Calm Horizon

July 12, 2009

Label: Self-Released
Rating: 3 Guns

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Ketch Harbour Wolves

Written By: Darwin Green

Sweeping and melodic, this Canadian group captures the spirit of what must be the blustering icy winds that ride on the surface of vast tracks of Nova Scotian lands, with eddies of repose and warmth. This EP evokes days spent indoors in passionate longing for the outside world, a whisper from some other lonely human being, or the melting that comes with spring. The title of the EP describes it nearly perfectly. Through the interior tumult it is a continual glance toward a place where peace of mind never ends.

Fans of Interpol will like this, and indeed Interpol was the first and most consistent band I thought of when trying to make a comparison. It’s very much apparent that the singer of Interpol influenced the singer of Ketch Harbour Wolves.

Other times it feels like the lounge version of System of a Down. I would say though that, though not apparent, I found hints of Arcade Fire hidden under the clean and dark production.

Imagine flying over a large stretch of water, constantly viewing life from the skies, cut away from all worries on the ground where people thrive, or underneath the waters of an ocean full of emptiness, and you’ll understand what one feels like when immersed in this album.

At first glance it seems pretentious, snooty, in rarified air, so to speak, but giving into the vision reveals its rewards. It pulls one into the tempo, launching one on a journey into a world of the artists’ making.

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