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Michael Jackson’s Passing

June 30, 2009

Written by: White Chicks On Rap

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Michael Jackson

I was very sad to learn that Michael Jackson passed away at age 50 from a cardiac arrest. I am sad because 50 is still young…my parents are only in their 50’s. I am sad because Michael’s children are going to grow up without a father. Mostly, I am sad because a talented musician is silenced. I grew up to Michael’s music and I always have happy memories of my Mom and I singing along.

One of my first memories is watching Thriller when I was three years old. My parents took me to see Fantasia and the theatre showed Thriller before the movie.

I was dancing in the aisles. My parents bought me the album Thriller the next day and taught me to use a record player so I can play the album anytime I wanted…and I did. I knew every song and the dance that went along with it.

Some say Michael was weird and he did bizarre things behind closed doors, but I am not going to debate the truth of what has been said in the media because whatever happened or didn’t happen is between Michael and God. For me, I will miss Michael, but I will always have his music.