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The 2nd Time Around

July 20, 2009

Written By: Khadeeja Coonrod

Step inside the 2nd Time Around Records located on 4209 University (also known as, The Ave), NE, Seattle, Washington 98105 As soon as you walk in, many flyer promotions sit on top of the glass table with local show advertisements from Rawstock to Othello. Bjork’s strange and alluring voice is going between singing in a whisper to a wailing, almost bellowing alongside the electronic instrumentals all coming from various speakers within separate areas.

All around me are nothing but good deals, I’m not talking about just sales, I’m talking, Collectors Items. Cassette tapes priced only from $.99 to $2.99 Albums (45’s to be exact), with names such as: Bill Cosby-Revenge, Kiss-Unmasked, Prince-Purple Rain, Jimi Hendrix-Smash Hits, The Who $4, Marvin Gaye $50, Little Richard $5, ACDC $20, Yes $3, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band $4, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. I even discovered Green Peace has a live concert compilation for two dollars with 80’s artists who include: Queen, Tears for Fears, Eurythmics, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, and The Pretenders.

There are two messenger bags that are hung up on the wall. One side has two Beastie Boys mid-air from jumping high while the third is dead-center with a gorilla mask on. The other bag has the infamous, Run DMC wearing their trademark Adidas kicks, leather suites, and Kangol hats. Each bag is selling for a hundred dollars.

Ten guitars hang from the ceiling in assorted colors of red, yellow, blue, green, black, and all are in various styles. Stereo equipment is located in random spots and has set-ups which DJ’s would love as well as home stereo systems. Posters assorting as: Regular $7, Giant $12, Blacklight $9 and have familiar faces and names: Limp Bizkit, Ramones, Jim Morrison, Misfits, and Nirvana.

To add to the I-Pods inside the display case counter, there are used Gameboys and games. Playstation 2 and X-Box consoles and games are sold here as well. Television box sets are 20% off and the store has a 10% student discount at all times.

The fellow in charge of the store while I’m there is very polite with my random questions about the place. In September, 2nd Time Around will have a thirty-five year reunion. I nod my head in response with a huge smile as I tell him how rare of a place this is to find since it’s nearly impossible to come across on the East coast. He then gives me his band’s Myspace information (, and tells me how they will tour on the West coast soon. I thank him and make many personal notes to myself about my new future collection from there then leave happy.