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Jeff Markunas

June 28, 2008

Position: Americana/Country Editor

Location: Chicago, IL

Bio: I was born with a Tele in one hand and a keyboard in the other (Sorry, Mom). I wrote my first song at age 5, and since then, I’ve played 20 years worth of gigs in clubs and on Tour. I’ve played with and seen the mundane and the musical geniuses of several decades.

I’ve also paid dues as an Audio Technician and Amp Designer, both independently and with multi-national music companies. I understand what it takes to put together a guitar string, or a guitar band, and I can build a guitar amp or a guitar riff in my sleep.

Currently I’m masquerading as a Webmaster for a large suburban educational body
and trying to get the word out to CWG readers about interesting new americana, country, soul and blues bands

Likes: Any Band that appreciates the history of American music and is trying to push the envelope. Show me that you know where you came from and that you know where you want to go – I’ll support you 100 percent.

Columns At CWG: Otherside of Country

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