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Coolio To Enter The Ring…

November 9, 2009

Written By: Victoria H. (Urban Editor)

DMX was set to fight Eric Martinez in an upcoming celebrity fight in Alabama, but DMX is out and Coolio is in. DMX originally agreed to the terms of the fight, but his people later said that DMX will only participate if he is guaranteed the win.

DMX’s manager, Nakia Walker, submitted an addendum to the original contract saying “Event Promoter and Management agree that [DMX] is scheduled to win Boxing Challenge.” and “All parties agree this event has been scheduled to occur only in fun and that the artist involved is not a professional boxer.” The manager cited that DMX is “a hip hop artist, not a boxer.”

The fight promoters, Thunder Promotions, refused to sign the addendum because they never agreed to fix anything and that this is a real fight which DMX agreed to. DMX threatened to back out and the promoters chose rapper Coolio to replace DMX while they also prepare a lawsuit for breach of contract. Thunder Productions said that “Coolio has been much easier to deal with and he is going to take this seriously.”