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Lover! – No Dreams Please EP

November 22, 2009
 Lover! - No Dreams Please EP

Written By: Emily Cahill

Label: Big Legal Mess – Rating:

This is going to be short and sweet, and if you listen to Lover!’s No Dreams Please EP you’ll understand why. There just isn’t much to react to. The songs slide between the two extremes of harsh instrumentals and fuzzy vocals.

The overlong instrumentals on the ends of the songs would be much more enjoyable if they were shortened. The guitar work is really spectacular, but maybe it just needs to be showcased in a different way, perhaps within the song rather than trailing after it. The tune is always snappy though, and very much danceable. A softer sound is introduced in “Three Fools” and that seems to balance out the vocals better.

Upon first hearing the vocals you may ask yourself if the distorted sound is something artistic, but after it goes on for a few songs you’ll simply realize that the microphone was probably twenty feet away from the band while they recorded. Live performances come out better than this, and it’s really a shame, too, because in the first two songs “Devil’s Punchbowl” and “No Dreams Please” (where the vocals are really difficult to understand) what little you hear sounds like it would be good.

Finally, in “Goodbye” the words of the songs are clear and you realize that lyrics are actually good, but it is still very much active listening—you have to try to catch everything. Lover! redeems themselves with “Downstairs to Hell.” This song has some serious character to it. It’s a feel and sound they should have aimed for with all the music on the EP: a rich sound, something a little mysterious, clear lyrics, effective instrumentals and this excellent flute-sound that plays great with the guitar.

Despite its faults, great driving music and something worth playing when you want to dance around your living room in your underwear (yes, we all know you do that).

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