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Duffy – Rockferry

June 19, 2009

Label: Universal/Polydor
Rating: 3 Guns

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Amy Winehouse has been out for about five years and the British media is already looking for new Amy. Well, a new Amy has been found…Aimee Duffy or Duffy as she is known professionally.

Duffy is a part of a new music trend of combining sixties soul, jazz and Motown.

Duffy’s debut album Rockferry is so refreshing in the strength is shows in singing about love and relationships.

My favorite track is “Warwick Avenue”. Duffy sings about talking the train to Warwick Avenue to see her boyfriend to break up with him because he has broken her heart. I love how she sings how she wants better and staying where she is will only trap her because she knows her boyfriend really doesn’t love her.

“Hanging In Too Long” also discusses this when someone you love cheats on you and you are torn to stay and give it another chance or just to walk away.

“Mercy” is the current single on the radio and in TV commercials. It is very catchy and was the number single in the UK. Duffy is begging for the person she loves to give her mercy and treat her right.

“Distant Dreamer” is has a very lush orchestra arrangement. Duffy sings about all the things she dreams of being and the hope she holds onto. I love the lyrics “Even when you see me frown, my heart won’t let me down, because I know there’s better things to come”.

At 23, Duffy is another promising singer and I look forward to hearing more from her.