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Final Gravity

October 8, 2009

final gravity Written By: Ralph Greco, Jr.

Rating: 3 Guns

Gotta love this four piece for the chops of drummer John Chomisnky if for nothing else; Final Gravity delivers 14 tunes of mostly upfront rock. Beginning with the driving cool snare pop of “Parallel Lives” the boys throw a lot of ideas into one tune. “Line ’em Up” is heavier, sounding a bit like the “Screamin’ Cheeta Wheelies” to me on this longer one, then the proceedings get dark on “The Darkness”, featuring a good Bill Moore’s vocal and guitarist Mike Clark punctuates a solid riff of “The Flying Dutchman” and great leading on “Go On Home.”

I love the syncopation on “Lab Rats” and I’m crazy (again) for Chominsky; his toms on “Shawdow of the Wolf” and his bass drum on “Room19”. “Phoenix” has a kind of sameness to it as do many of the other tunes here, but FG have that Rush-thing down pretty good. I like the balls-to-wall rock of “Be Not Afraid” with that big fat bass of Charles Mumford and Moore another good vocal; this one might be the most groove-iest of the lot. “Been Wasted” is heavy…yet fun, even commercial dare I say it and “IPA” ends it all with a yelling “IPA” and almost punk sensibility at a silly little 53 seconds.

Not a lot of variation from song to song although the guys throw in some slower material and the lyrics could be a little tighter at times, still Final Gravity delivers a good rock punch from adept players.