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Album Review: Audible Mainframe- Transients

September 7, 2009

Label: Audible Mainframe (BMI)
Rating: 3 Guns

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Audible Mainframe - Transients

Written By: Victoria H. (Urban Editor)

Transients is the third album from Audible Mainframe, a six piece hip-hop band from LA.

“When people listen to this album I want them to feel like the future just punched them in the face.” said MC Expo (lead member of Audible Mainframe). “We wanted to make the type of hip-hop record that made us fall in love with hip-hop in the first place: big beats, excellent musicianship, and next level throwback lyricism.”

I was not familiar with Audible Mainframe, so when I heard this album I really impressed by the musicianship and the lyrics from this band. I realized in listening to the album, that there are not a lot of hip-hop bands- The Roots come to mind, but I would be hard pressed to think of another band out there. I think that Audible Mainframe stands out because they are more than just hip-hop; they are rap, soul and rock. The lyrics are intelligent and thoughtful.

The opening track, “Money and Flash” took me in immediately. A homage to hip-hop heroes like Tupac and Biggie, the track pays respect to the genre and the people who have paved the way.

I loved “Don’t Be A Sheep (On Friday Night) because MC Expo delivers a great message about being an individual.

For being a six piece band, I felt that I could hear each members journey in the lyrics and how flawless the sound is.

The energy of this album is intense and I am interested to see what the band is like live. I don’t know if this album will break Audible Mainframe from the underground scene to the mainstream, but I think that this is a band that you should seek out.