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Eminem Vs. Apple Inc.

September 24, 2009

Written By: Victoria H. (Urban Editor)

A federal trial is about to begin in Detroit, MI in the case of Eight Mile Style LLC (Eminem’s music publisher) and Martin Affiliated LLC (which has a portion of Eight Mile Style LLC) vs. Apple Inc. Eight Mile Style and Martin and Apple failed to settle a lawsuit over whether the rapper’s songs can be downloaded from iTunes.

In the lawsuit, Eight Mile Style and Martin said that Apple used 93 songs in a downloadable format on iTunes without permission. Aftermath Records was also sued saying the company had no right to approve digital downloads, even though the company has control of Eminem’s recordings. Eight Mile Style and Martin said that “Apple has provided and continues to provide digital downloading of recordings of compositions which Eight Mile and Martin are owners of, or have copyright ownership interest in, without obtaining permission or providing compensation.”

It is not known how much, Eight Mile Style and Martin are suing for, but the plaintiff’s say Apple earned $2.58 million from iTunes downloads, including $466,916 from “Lose Yourself,” a hit from Eminem’s 2002 film “8 Mile.” Eight Mile Style and Martin also want a part of the $16 million that Apple earned from iPod sales that could be attributed to the 93 songs as well as $4.03 million from Aftermath.

Susan Lundgren, an Apple spokeswoman, said that “the company does not discuss pending litigation”. No comment has been released by Aftermath Records.

The non-jury trial is expected to last five to seven days. Eminem is not scheduled to testify.