Bands Under the Radar Changes The Game

Written By: Trisha Hanudel

100 Songs for $10 @ Bands Under The Radar

There’s a great new website, Bands Under the, who has created an innovative way to get the best in the hottest music coming out today. Only $10 gets you 100 songs, emailed to you over the course of a few weeks in 20-song chunks until you’ve amassed 100 songs. Want more instantly? Throw down another $10. Want to give your new songs some time to sink into your head? You can buy 100 more songs whenever you feel like it. Never want another song emailed again? After you get your 100 songs, you’re free! There’s no commitment here.

If you’re feeling a little gun-shy, you’re welcome to listen to the entire playlist on the website before you buy it. (see below) It’s really as if you had your own commercial-free radio playing all the music you never knew you liked, and it’s a wonderful alternative if you’ve had it Indie 103.1’s streaming radio – this music is much, much cooler.

Featured currently on playlist and podcast #38 is the ubiquitous indie darlings Band of Skulls, The Fray and Jack Johnson’s love child, Jack Savoretti, and my new favorites, Elle Macho. Elle Macho is a trio based out of Nashville, and is a powerful blend of agro-sexiness. They take Concrete Blond’s sound and twist it into a minor, angsty key, overlaid by a powerhouse female vocal that evokes mullet-era Joan Jett without all that unnecessary rasp and bravado.

Other favorites were Lord T and Eloise’s Black Limousine. This independent hip hop act is a refreshing newcomer to the scene – they put the emphasis back on the show, so if you ever get a chance to see them in concert, go! Amazing Baby is also featured, with their sparkling sonic void filled with reverb and wailing guitars. Jesse Woods’ It Girl is a song reminiscent of a live Jeff Buckley, and is the reason Bands Under the Radar exists – I would have never known about Jesse Woods had I not checked out the playlist.

All told, this first installment of playlist #38 is a great mix – as if your coolest friend made you a mix tape. Bands Under the Radar is a great way to scan for new music without having to search for it yourself. Each artist is listed with the names of their songs and links to their website, Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter pages so you can become their instant biggest fan after just one listen – and you’ll become the new biggest fan of handful of bands featured. I might even start the new Elle Macho fanclub, after just one listen!

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