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J. Cole – Hold It Down

October 11, 2009

Download “Hold It Down” by J. Cole

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J.Cole Interview – “A Rising Star”

October 8, 2009

Written By: Giselle Rivera

Download “Hold It Down

As I sat there on the line, in complete silence, all that could be heard was the heavy beating of my own heart, as I was a nervous wreck for the first time, in a long time, before the interview. It began, and they confirmed my credentials… “Ms. Rivera?” I confirmed my identity and just like that, J. Cole was on the line.

Smooth, calm and nonchalant to the highest degree, Cole seemed to epitomize the very phrase, “Southern Hospitality.” The newly signed Roc Nation artist is not a southern boy to be overlooked, as he spoke to me with confidence about his future, strategies and expectations.

As Cole’s second Mixtape, The Warm Up, released in the summer of 2009, it was a breaking point for all who have been yearning the coming of a new star. As Hip Hop heads and Jay-Z Addicts looked for the next big thing, the realistic lyrics of Cole stirred through the cities, breaking entrances into the top playlist of all who have been awaiting a new sound. Although, his influences are of only the Great Ones, his most recognizable influence is that of Tupac, as Cole inherited a grand flow for story telling, as his words lead us to a visual scene of play-by-play action.

“Tupac is a great influence because he wasn’t flashy”

His lyrics, tone and perception on life, is that of a humble enthusiast, yearning for his mark on the Hip Hop world. His raps can only be described as sincere, for his words spring from his surrounds, his knowledge and his eagerness to succeed.

As a Magnum Cum Laude graduate, Cole sees his future through the illuminated lights of achievement, as his street smarts, academic knowledge and lyrical talent will help him rise above the rest, as he sets to break out of the overbearing shadow of the impeccable Jay-Z, as he will indulge in Music Production as well as claim his title of “Best New Lyricist.”

Cole’s success in inevitable as he states that he will “stick to the game plan and what he knows,” as he plans to captivate his audience with his “creativity and innovative mind on songs and beats.” He states that the only way to take his “career further” is through his “loyalty to his fan base.” As he sits at the top of the list of rising icons, Cole will differentiate his sound by the only way he knows how…humility.

I look forward to his upcoming Album in the spring of 2010 and all his further ventures and seeing more of that Jimmy Jazz Campaign!

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