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A Night with SPIN

October 25, 2009

Story and Photos By: Giselle Rivera

View all of Giselle’s photos from the party here.

Running off the infamous Brooklyn to Manhattan L train, I darted west to 16th street, where there would be a night of amazement awaiting.

I Whistled for a cab and hustled down the busy streets of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, as the city’s nightlife filled the air. “Highline Ballroom,” I read out loud as we approached a crowded mid section of west 16th. Checked in with the guest list, got stamped and ran up the stairs just in time for an unexpected insane performance by Temper Trap.

An audience of over 300 filled the stage room of Highline Ballroom as DJ 9th Wonder settled in the beats and sounds of the night. Talking. Dancing. Gaming. It was clear that those in attendance were only the Industry Gurus and the Interns who dreamed of becoming the next generation of Gurus. The atmosphere was stylish, clean and modern, like that of the style of its host; SPIN Magazine.

Banners hung on every inch of banister, free SPIN magazines laid on every lounge and table, posters of memorable SPIN covers graced the walls of Highline and to the left of the stage the bright “Batman” light with the SPIN logo illuminated the walls and dance floor.

With their final sound check completed, Temper Trap thanked New York and SPIN, and started an impressive performance. The clarity, intensity and talent of Temper Trap was justified right there on the stage of Highline Ballroom as all those in the audience sang along to every song and applauded with overwhelming satisfaction after every track.

I spoke with Temper Trap and the lead singer, Dougie, after the show for a brief moment and they seemed eager for that success that was well-deserved. Dougie stated that they had been doing this for five years and in the past year their career has taken off, as they have been on tour and all around the world. Snapping a couple shots of the group, I went back to join the crowd who had been expecting a performance by Clipse all night.

Shouting out the words to songs like “Grinding” and “Mr. Me Too,” the crowd welcomed Clipse with a great sense of true fan base, as most singing along did not skip a beat. Playing both old and new tracks, Clipse touched base with all fans, as most were waiting for the performance of their latest track, off their upcoming album, “Till the Caskey Drops.”

Definitely a job well-done for SPIN Magazine! If you’re in Los Angeles over Halloween, check out CWG’s mansion party.