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Bang! Bang! Eche!’s New Album

November 7, 2009

Written By: Paul Losada

Your new soundtrack for trying to fuck cute hipster girls, while talking about cocaine as if you actually do it, has arrived! But I’m willing to overlook both maturity AND authenticity in Bang! Bang! Eche!’s case because these overblown, electro-dance-punk melodies are pretty bangin’–especially if that’s the only thing going on in your life right now.

I don’t think getting sleazy and shallow has been this fun, or even innocent in a while. It’s pure young, dumb, and ready to cum adrenaline caught on magnetic tape–and not without some recent influences. Opener “Fist Full Of Dollars” takes me back to that time when The Faint dropped Dance Macabre on white kids’ newfound dancing shoes, which really isn’t as much of a backhanded complement as you’d think. I likED (extra, extra emphases on -ED) The Faint at the time because I was learning how to shake my ass and shop at some new store called “Urban Outfitters” too. As I listen to the rest of the Sonic Death Cuntttt EP I can’t help but smile and feel like some kind of weird, creepy old man as I observe exactly how cyclical life can be.

Kids need music from their own generation to get truly and totally down to, and I can turn my head the other way at artistic value if a good time is at least achieved. Judging by the hyper dance beats and spazzed up guitar noodling arranged just cleverly enough, this band probably doesn’t have any higher aspirations at the moment, and that’s perfectly okay. Even if Bang! can keep it together long enough for a future full-length, it probably won’t completely take over the reigns LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, and Death From Above 1979 held before it, but I could see some sort of loyal fan base standing by.

Let kids be kids with this one.