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Jenny Wittman

June 12, 2008

Position: Live Show Correspondent (Midwest)

Location: Chicago, IL

Bio: My friends would say that I’m obsessed with going to concerts and shows. I would say that it’s my only hobby. I’m just another twenty-something girl who likes big sunglasses, anything mango, vintage earrings, summertime and lots of sangria. My first concert at 12-years-old changed me. Bush with Veruca Salt as openers. Gavin Rossdale and girl rockers. Enough said, I was hooked. Going to a show is like finding my next fix. I need it and crave it to be normal. Other than that, I am a huge klutz and love animals.

Likes: indie-rock, industrial, electronica, trip-hop, hard rock, classic rock, electro-pop, bossa nova, world, etc. My top 5 artists: Massive Attack, VAST, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Delerium.

Columns At CWG: Live and Direct