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The Raconteurs’ – Consolers Of The Lonely

June 19, 2009

Label: Third Man/WMG
Rating: 3 Guns

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The Raconteurs
The Raconteurs just released their second album. I bet you didn’t know that…I bet you didn’t know that they even recorded a second album. Just a few weeks ago the band announcemed the release of “Consolers of the Lonely.” The album was mastered and completed just a few weeks ago and the band rushed to get the CD’s pressed so fans could get the album as soon as possible.

I like how The Raconteurs think…getting good music in the hands of the fans quickly.

“Consolers Of The Lonely,” is a rockin’ night at the Grand Ole Opry. The mix of country and rock plays well.

“Carolina Drama”, is watching an episode of Jerry Springer, but set to music. Basically, a boy has a problem with his Mom’s boyfriend and ends up killing him with a milk bottle. I had no problem with the murder, I spent more time wondering where the boy got a milk bottle since milk isn’t delivered anymore. Weird things to wonder…

“Old Enough” is a barn hoe down with lyrics that make you think. Band member Brendan Benson writes “You don’t speak, so I have to guess you’re not free.” The insecurities of life can be summed up in the line “The only way you’ll ever learn a thing/is to admit you know absolutely nothing, oh nothing…”

“You Don’t Understand Me” is a blend of guitar and piano riffs. Slow but still at a good pace. “And there’s always another point of view/a better way to do the things we do/and how can you know me and I know you”. Haven’t we all had that relationship where we have asked that question?

“Salute Your Situation” is a fast track. The lyrics are flying at you a mile a minute. I’ve been singing “And I got what I got all despite you/and I get what I get just to spite you” for days now.