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Amy Winehouse – Frank

June 19, 2009

Label: Island/Universal
Rating: 4 Guns

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Amy Winehouse
Before all the drama and drugs, Amy Winehouse was an up and coming singer, blending jazz and blue with a pop sound. The U.S> re-release of Amy’s debut album shows why she is an extraordinary talent.

“Fuck Me Pumps” is an anthem of confidence with the lines “When you walk in the bar/and you dressed like a star/rockin’ your fuck me pumps”. It takes confidence to walk in fuck me pumps or even stand for more than 3 seconds without falling over (well, I’m speaking for myself).

“Help Yourself” is an answer to knows who think they know better than you and think they you need to be fixed. “You’ve got a degree in philosophy/so you think you’re cleverer than me/but I’m not just some drama queen”.

“I Heard Love Is Blind” is an interesting song as it is about a women cheating on a man and saying “you are everything/he means nothing to me/I can’t even remember his name/why’re you so upset/baby, you weren’t there and I was thinking of you when I came”. Normally, these lines would come from a man.

Each song on this album ties into a central theme of being frank and honest. Sometimes Amy’s honesty is pretty and other times not. I heard this album when it was released in England in 2003 and I was surprised it was not released in America.

For someone who was only 20, she has an old soul and you believe she has seen it all before.