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Mu Dills – Raincheck (Feat. Lil’ Kim)

September 10, 2009

Born and raised in Newark NJ, aka “The Brick City”. 19 year old, Mu Dills grew up facing many obsticales, as so many other young black males from inner city communities do. The pressure of the street life in “The Bricks” soon consumed young Mu Dills, who later found himself facing a Judge. With a new residency far away from “The Bricks” in a Youth Correctional Facility. He found himself writing ryhmes daily to occupy his time and his mind…..Mu discovered a hidden passion to become a Hip Hop Artist.

Now out, Mu eagerly wants to persue a career in the music business as an artist. Mu Dills soon caught the attention of Super Producer Keeb of Monee Green Entertainment who helped strengthen his skills as an Hip Hip artist.

Two years of hard work has paid off, Mu Dills is now the Prince of Monee Green Entertainment. In the summer of 2006 Mu Dills became the talk of the street when Monee Green Enterainment released his first mix CD titled ” Grind City”. With the streets buzzing Mu returned to the studio to record his first hit single “Fresh-N-Fly”. Following the release of the single “Fresh-N-Fly” Mu Dills shot his first music video.

Currently Mu Dills is working on his debut album and his third mix CD ‘Grind City 3″. He’s also a face in a national ad campaign with one of the leading urban clothing company Azzure` Cothing.