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Brian Bonz – From Sumi To Japan

August 25, 2009

Label: Triple Crown
Rating: 3 Guns

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Brian Bonz & The Dot Hongs

Written By: Zoe Porteous

I wasn’t to sure how I was going to feel about this latest EP I was sent to review, I am not nor probably ever will be a fan of “Indie” music. Much preferring some old Metallica or Aerosmith any day; however I wanted to judge it with an open mind so I put Brian Bonz in my ipod and went for a walk. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised and quite frankly a little stunned, that I liked it. Yes the girl whose favorite band is Motley Crue actually liked it. It was mellow, light, happy and very easy to listen too. So if I had to put it in a category, instead of the dreaded indie. I would call it “experimental rock.”

Brian Bonz has a very subdued voice, slightly boyish but very pleasant. It melds fantastically with the acoustic guitar and popish sound of the album. Kid Shit stands out with its catchy intro and develops into a rousing song. The tracklist reads more like chapters from a children’s book than an actual list of songs, and maybe that’s the point. For some reason while listening to this album the childrens fantasy book where the wild things things are kept popping in my head. Brian Bonz’s album seems to bring to life all those half remembered childhood feelings, stories and games.

One of my favorite songs on the album, Judy and the alpha queen is thought provoking and beautiful in its simplicity. Its dreamlike quality lends itself to listening to whenever you are in the mood for a contemplative state. It sounds as though he is telling a story which you cannot wait to hear. Fascinating and melodic his voice carries you through to the end.

The song “Dee the Dinosaur” takes a prompt from its name to play with the listener with Bonz’s thoughtful confessions and lovely vocal melodies. The Piano and banjo that accompany the acoustic and electric guitars carry the song through to a noisy sinister end.

Overall the record was beautiful and thoughtful, easy to listen to and made me realize that just because there are no huge electric guitar solos or guys with tight pants and big hair it doesn’t mean its all bad. It will not be on the top of my playlist but it will definitely not be on the bottom. If you want to brighten up a stormy evening then put Brian Bonz on and you will not be disappointed.

Overall I would give this album: 3 guns

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