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Cloud Cult Releases Double-Disc Album 12/8/2009

November 18, 2009

First National Release of “They Live on the Sun” (2003) and “Aurora Borealis” 2004

Cloud Cult will release a double-disc of two of the band’s first records for the first time on a national level: “They Live on the Sun” (2003) and “Aurora Borealis” (2004) remixed, remastered and with bonus tracks.

Although the albums were originally released on the band’s homemade label, predominantly on a local level, and on a shoe-string credit cardbudget, the music brought the band national attention as the album topped major label bands on the college radio charts, including taking over Radiohead’s “Hail to the Thief” top charting slot in cities like Denver, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Boston.

Lead singer/songwriter Craig Minowa created the albums during an 18 month long stint of seclusion at his Northern Minnesota organic farm after his two-year-old son passed away unexpectedly in 2002. The band has gone on to sell more than 30,000 copies of its follow-up releases, despite turning down major label offers.

The albums, previously distributed by hand by the band to a small handful of local Minnesota record stores, will now be available nationally as a special double-disc package. In typical Cloud Cult fashion, the albums are 100% postconsumer recycled material, printed with soy inks and tha band powered the mastering with wind energy (purchasing green energy credits). Cloud Cult has planted over a thousand trees to absorb pollutants from album releases and touring.

“A sweeping indie epic. Records this casually monumental are rare indeed!”
Pitchfork review of “They Live on the Sun”

“Deserves all the adjectives befitting a classic album. Genius. Sincerely groundbreaking indie rock.”
Pop Matters review of “Aurora Borealis”


They Live on the Sun
On the Sun
Moon’s Thoughts
Turtle Shell
Da Dum
Man on the Moon
I’m Not Gone
Radio Fodder
It’s Gay
Best Friend
Shortenin’ Bread
Took You For Granted
Back Again P.ii
Your Love Will Live Forever
Sleeping Days P.ii

Aurora Borealis

Breakfast With My Shadow
Alone at a Party in a Ghost Town
All Together Alone
And It’s Good
Grappling Hook
Northern Lights
The Sparks and Spaces Between Your Cells
Lights Inside My Head
Beautiful Boy