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Markus Eliance

June 13, 2008

Position: Live Shows Writer/Photographer

Location: Inglewood, CA

Bio: I am the amplification of someone’s subconcious — A super-ego, for those who study Freud. I dig chicks with accents. I’m really into non-English language rock/ hip-hop. Especially French and Italian artists. I also dig big swing jazz. Stateside, I like indie rock, but not so indie that it makes me look like a hipster. I deplore hipsters… and plaid.

Likes: Artists = The Verve,Marylin Manson, Citizen Cope, Atreyu, Fefe Dobson, Daft Punk, Boyz Noize, David Guetta, Alanis Morissette, Darius Rucker, Timbaland, Common. Genres = Big Swing/Jazz, Electro Hop, Foreign Hip-Hop



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