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The Dear Hunter Interview

October 16, 2009

Written By: Pablo Cortez Photo Credit: Dustin Roe

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It’s always great to get to see a new band you just discovered do a live show. I started listening to the Dear Hunter a few days before this assignment and I’m glad I did. This prog-rock band has a unique sound combining different styles of music to create what would be right at home on stage in some otherworldly, dali-esque version of a speakeasy, complete with dancing flappers and free-flowing illegal hooch. Although I was unable to make my way to this gin mill, because, well, it doesn’t exist, I did get to interview guitar player Eric Serna and bassist Nate Patterson just outside the Knitting Factory after their October 15th show.

PC: Where does your sound come from? What are some of your influences?

Eric: There are so many influences across the board. We all come from pretty varied but also really similar backgrounds in music. Nate and I have a super-blues background, like Hendrix, Zeppelin, classic stuff. Casey and Nick have a jazz-fusion background. Their dad brought them up playing that kind of stuff.

PC: You guys bring all that together?

Eric: Yeah, totally. It’s an amalgamation of all that stuff.

PC: Have you guys played Los Angeles before?

Eric: This is like our 5th or 6th time here. We like L.A. dude, it’s really cool, it’s rad.

PC: Are you guys all from the Boston area?

Eric: Actually, Nick and Casey are from L.A. Nate and I are from western Massachusetts and Andy is from Illinois, we’re kind of from all over the place man, but the band basically started in Boston.

PC: What’s the big difference from out there to here as far as fan reaction at live shows?

Nate: There’s a similar enthusiasm. L.A. has its own special scene that makes it more its own.

Eric: Here’s the thing, L.A. is a very tourist-specific spot. Depending on what kind of tour you’re coming through on, the crowd can definitely vary. In Boston word gets around a lot quicker and you see the same people coming out to shows, where in L.A., you could do five or six shows and never see the same person twice.

PC: Do you have a favorite show you’ve played? Favorite venue?

Nate: The Glass House is always fun. That place is awesome.

Eric: For whatever reason, since day one, our first show there… Actually our first show there ended up having to be acoustic, because our van broke down in Arizona, so me and the drummer at the time had to stay behind while the rest of the band went ahead in the headlining band’s bus. Anyway, the show had to be acoustic. We got a call after the show and Casey was like “Dude, the crowd was really digging it, they were singing along.” It was our first time there so every time we go back there it’s super rad.

PC: What’s your favorite part about touring?

Eric: Just meeting people, dude. Traveling and seeing some cool shit. Our drummer Nick and Casey, our singer’s cousin just got this RV, and let us borrow it for this tour. We’ve been staying at camp grounds and RV parks across the country. It’s been ridiculous.

Nate: A little bit cold when we sleep, but that thing has heat and everything on it.

Eric: It’s been great because we actually get to spend some time in the wilderness, which isn’t really to often when you’re on tour.

PC: Where are you off to from here? What’s your schedule looking like?

Eric: We have the day off tomorrow, and then we’re off to San Fran, and then back to Pomona on Monday.

PC: Anything you’d like to get out to your fans?

Eric: Just listen with an open mind. That’s the main thing.

Nate: We got a big tour coming up starting November 15th with Thrice.

Eric: Ya, we come out here to the Avalon and two shows in Anaheim at the House of Blues. That tour should be fun, so if you want to come out for that, please do.