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iPod Touch Give-Away

November 23, 2009

Win a 64 GB iPod Touch

Chicks With Guns Magazine is giving away a 64 GB iPod Touch; pre-loaded with all of Let ‘Em Riot’s music.

To Win, go to the and e-mail the Let ‘Em Riot “Life’s Not Automatic” e-card to as many people as you can. Rattlebox will keep score. The person that sends out the most copies of the e-card will win the iPod Touch. – Contest ends December 19th

Sponsored by: Rattlebox, Chicks With Guns Magazine, and Let ‘Em Riot

About Chicks With Guns:
CWG Magazine is the #2 music-oriented internet publication in the world. Founded in January of 2008, Chicks With Guns Magazine has grown into a mini-empire, becoming a household name in music and entertainment.

About Let ‘Em Riot:
The latest group to hail from Southern California, Let Em’ Riot, can’t really be called a group at all because it has only one member. His name is Alan Oakes. Oakes has been writing and performing for over a decade. After numerous bands and a handful of albums, he continues to move forward, opting to offer all of his music for free in place of being locked into a “corporate contract.”

Please remember to download your free copy of “Automatic” by Let ‘Em Riot @

CWG Partners With Rattlebox

November 3, 2009

We’re proud to announce our brand-spankin’ new strategic partnership with Rattlebox.

They’re edgy and they have attitude. They’re sexy and sarcastic. They’re Rattlebox videos, a new generation of entertaining e-cards that are cutting-edge, cool and anything but ordinary.

Rattlebox is not your mother’s e-card site – it was created and launched in 2008 as an alternative to boring and maudlin e-card sites. Rattlebox’s dicey, alternative e-cards are perfect for every conceivable sentiment. From traditional occasions such as birthdays to telling someone “F you” or “I love you,” Rattlebox fills the void for people who wouldn’t be caught dead sending out traditional e-cards.

Click over now and you’ll find a whole selection of honest-to-goodness, very funny e-cards. Using a vast library filled with classic cartoons, vintage movie clips, campy public service ads and professionally produced videos, Rattlebox lets you play the part of media producer and custom design your own messages by changing all or any part of the text throughout every Rattlebox e-card.

Sometimes what you want to say just can’t be captured with a single image. Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, the video e-cards at Rattlebox are priceless. Regardless of the occasion, Rattlebox has a video e-card that’s a perfect match, with subjects that cover love, dating, holidays, anniversaries, It’s 4:20, birthdays, apologies, invites, insults and announcements, to name a few. Check out two top favorites by clicking on the links that follow: The Happy Stripper, featuring a happy stripper and Tonight’s the Night, featuring acoustic rock favorite, Secondhand Serenade.

Rattlebox is completely free to use and has thousands of cards to choose from across dozens of categories. The cards can be emailed, posted on blogs and networking sites and even sent via IM using an embedded code.

Don’t pay for cards that suck when you can send a Rattlebox for free.
Rattlebox – e-cards that don’t suck.

Check them out at –

The Happy Stripper:

The Happy Stripper:

Tonight’s the Night: