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Common Market – The Winter’s End

August 2, 2009

Label: Hyena
Rating: 3 Guns

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Common Market

Written By: Kian Abedini

“The Winter’s End” is a six track EP from hip hop artists, Common Market. The first track, “Escaping Arkham” is cute, but nothing more. Fortunately, Common Market rebounds with a clear single for radio play. “Brasso” is cool as fuck, kicking off with a slow beat that builds into a crescendo of lyrics somehow spit simultaneously at Mach 10 and a snail’s pace.

The third track, “Slow Down Moses” reminded me of Linkin Park. And if you think that’s a good thing, you’re missing the point.

“The Picture of My DeLorean Grey” is a sexual love letter to one of their clear influences, Ratatat. Any band, evoking Oscar Wilde while still maintaining street cred, can obviously juggle anything.

“Nouveau Depart” is a New Orleans Gypsy carnival of music, where horns are baked into a funnel cake – bucolic twitters leaking out of the spongy goodness into your ears – and become a main attraction.

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