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Tom Kielty

June 18, 2008

Position: Reviews Writer (Alt/Indie)

Location: Portland, Oregon

Bio: Born in Boston, MA. 22, Graduated from UO in 2009 w/ a Russian History major. I enjoy snowboarding, reading, Netflix, dancing+happy hours, and playing guitar w/ The Bird Dogs. Favorite quote “It is a short walk from the hallelujah to the hoot.” – Nabokov

Likes: The Jesus Lizard, Can, Andres Segovia, Jason Becker, Lush, Tokyo Electron, Sparks, Red House Painters, Gang of Four, Pantera, Squeeze, The Fall, Paganini Niccolo, Faust, The Intelligence, Big Black, Bad Brains, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Cash Money, Mac Dre, Hammerhead, Chris Lake, DJ Assault, DJ Secret Squirrel and Underground Elephant, Hot Chip, CCS, Ghostland Observatory and any many more!

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