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Hackneyed – Burn After Reaping

September 16, 2009

Written By: Dave Brooks
Label: E1 – Rating: 3.5 Guns

Hackneyed, das jüngste unterzeichnete Metallband aus Deutschland, Freigabe ” Brand nach Reaping”. Gezundheit. Excuse me. I meant to say, Hackneyed, the youngest, signed metal band from Germany, release “Burn After Reaping,” a 14-track, 55-minute rumble through sick, twisted groove and blasting, attacking riffage. This album is like listening to a death metal version of “School of Rock.”

Get “Burn” out of your way as the band introduces you to just how heavy they are. Yikes! “Finger on the Trigger” gets right to it and blasts out the madness. Did I hear you say that you like trills? You get’em in spades with this song, “Deatholution”, and “Weed Flavoured Meat.” These three songs on Rockband would give you the first “You Blew Your Wrist Out” accomplishment for sure. Hackneyed seem to have saved their heaviest blows for the mid section of this album.

WARNING: Brutal riff approaching. Get the fuck out of the way of “March of the Worms”. This track has me wanting to throw down on the old, latina ladies that ride my bus to work. Just nasty and wrong.

These young dudes sure can change it up as “Bloodshed” and “Redying” expose you to solos, clean intros and semi-epicness. A couple of stock metal riffs sneak into the next few songs. No big deal. “Home meat Home” ends with a huge, stomping outro. “Putrid”, “Las man on Earth” and “Mental Mastication” all bring so much to the table. Fast? Check. Groove? Check. More trills? Double check. You are wrong to think that you get a “Guantanamo Bay Holiday” as the intro morphs into a grinding, sharp attack of a verse. “After Reaping” is the cool down portion of our death metal workout today. Not losing style while telling you to get lost.

Vocalist Phil, drummer Tim, guitarists……well, the WHOLE band handles their chops with ease. I really am surprised that these guys are all roughly 16 years old. These guys have a huge leg up on other death metal bands, as they sound as tight as any group out there. I highly suggest giving Hackneyed’s first full release a few listens. You won’t regret it.

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