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Blackberry Smoke – Little Piece Of Dixie

October 13, 2009
blackberry smoke

Written By: Jeff Markunas
(Americana/Country Editor)

Label: Adrenaline – Rating:

I wish I could take my Tele, slip into the Blackberry backline, plug into a nice Fender Blackface and jam with these guys for a week before they realized they had another guitar player.

I know these guys up, down and inside out. To me this IS Mom, Apple Pie and COUNTRY MUSIC!

It should be obvious at this point that I like this band… Your question is, “What’s in it for me?” Well as Blackberry Smoke would say themselves there’s a “Good One Comin’,” which is the opening cut on Little Piece of Dixie, and a true shit kickin’ country rave-up. Think .38 Special crossed with Travis Tritt. 
This album is bursting with unequal parts of Testosterone, wailing guitars, smoking vocals and clever lyrics, which as everyone knows, is the secret formula for great country/rock music.

Imagine taking a swig from an ice-cold, long-neck covered in condensation on a hot summer day and then rolling the bottle across your forehead while listening to “Up in Smoke” – It don’t get no better. Hell, even the ballads like “Who invented The Wheel” kick ass.

Other stand-out cuts include, “Freedom Song,” “Shake Your Magnolia” and “Like I Am.”

Rock Bottom Line:
Any genius at work here? Any new musical ground broken that will change the face of Country? Any radical instrumentation or incredible production values?

The answer to all the above is – NO. 
Blackberry Smoke promised a “Little Piece Of Dixie” and they delivered. Dead on Southern Rock cleverly voiced and muscularly delivered. Prepare to meet your new favorite Southern Rock Band.

CWG Rating – 3.5 Guns