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Loch Vostok – Reveal No Secrets

August 14, 2009

Label: Nightmare
Rating: 3 Guns

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Loch Vostok

Written By: Natalie Perez
(Metal Editor)

Loch Vostok’s “Reveal No Secrets” is 9 songs of pure expression. The pain, torture, and utter suffering, alone in the chaos, was put into creating the world’s most brutal album. The album opens with “Loss Of Liberty,” a thundering force of pure metal, complete with shredding guitars, breaking downs and soloing. The vocals have an on/off effect becoming clean/clear one moment, and then growling/shouting the next, creating a rotating/atmospheric feeling.

“Raiders of the Lost Heart,” is Loch Vostok’s ballad song (if you can call it a ballad); it unleashes a mellow-yet-dramatic vibe but still manages to stay heavy.

The ending of “Reveal No Secrets,” “Breakthru,” really captures the album’s harder side, sending off that sensational effect that draws you into the music just once more before it fades to black.