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Angus Khan – Black Leather Soul

August 12, 2009

Label: Nickel And Dime
Rating: 3.5 Guns

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Angus Khan

Written By: Dave Brooks

Side note: Who wants to come with when I check them out at the Knitting Factory, August 20th? I’ll bring the JD.

You are transported to the early 70’s with a full recording studio in your pocket. Somehow you end up in a seedy dive bar on the Sunset Strip. The stars must have aligned because you are in the presence of Angus Khan. ANGUS KHAN! Try saying their name with a low, booming, conqueror type voice. It’s fun. They’ve just finished their beers and are ready to go on stage. Not knowing why, you press record….

Black Leather Soul is a revival for the rock community. This is a clash of classic rock’s greatest and crudest influences in one album. A little Ted Nugent attitude, a manic Bon Scott vocal, and a pinch of classic Kiss riffage. They’ve only left out the Jack Daniel’s double shots. Get a handful on “Big Balls” as lead singer Dirty D does the best Bon Scott impression known to man. Sorry Brian Johnson, he’s got ya beat.

“Mr. Living Dead” sounds like the necrophilic baby of The Stooges and Alice Cooper with a chorus of “It’s in my head. Mr. Living Dead. It’s in my flesh. They call me Dr. Death”. Just with a better delivery than how you just read it. Get some hot licks from your boys Frank “Sgt. Rock” Meyer and “Screamin’ Lord” Bruce Duff on “Exile on Mean Street”, “On The Run” and the title track “Black Leather Soul”. Call me Captain Obvious because I can’t help but tell people to “Call Me Motherfucker”. This has to be the best vulgar chorus refrain since Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog”.

The guitar duo of Meyer and Duff also produce on this album. Sorry the guitars are too loud guys! I could be a little biased being a guitar player myself, but they do a great job keeping the garage feel tight and the guitars loud. It’s sounds like they own the greatest 8 track known to man. If you are an old head, rock addict or are just getting into the classics, you would be better off for getting into some Angus Khan – Black Leather Soul.

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