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The Upwelling – An American Stranger

October 6, 2009
The Upwelling - An American Stranger

Written By: C.W. Ross
(The CD

Label: Doghouse – Rating:

The Upwelling is a band that takes pride in being an old-fashioned, hard working, American band. They also have the proper work ethic to go along with it, believing that you get what you deserve, and they’re willing to work as hard as it takes to achieve their musical goals.

Ari Ingber (lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter) along with his brother Joshua Ingber (drums) has made up the core of the band since they first formed several years ago.

The Upwelling is a band that draws a strong reaction from the listener. Personally I’m not sure why the band’s music gets such a visceral reaction from some people. Their music is pretty much straight forward Indie rock/modern rock in style and their song lyrics aren’t filled with any really controversial type of subject matter.

The songs found on their latest release, An American Stranger, center mostly around issues of love and relationships, along with more poignant subject matter like that found on the song, “Ladder 116.”

“Ladder 116,” is a song that was written by Ari Ingber on the day after the tragic 9/11 Twin Towers attacks. The song uses lush and rich synth parts to paint a musical picture of the beautiful blue sky type of day that was happening just before the tragic event took place and the mass chaos and wide range of human emotions that happened afterwards.

The first track found on An American Stranger is the song, “American Girls,” a track filled with lively guitars parts that are layered on top of a steady drum beat. The song deals with the much less serious subject matter of modern day male chivalry.

“Losers,” is another good track that deals with the modern day club scene and a guy who’s not willing to play the game of fakeness and over priced drinks that are often found in a, ‘hip nightclub.’

Songs like the acoustic ballad, “Paris” and the mid-tempo “I Love That Girl” take the sappy award for their lovelorn filled lyrics.

“Wanderlust” was my favorite track. I really enjoyed the well done bass part that helps to drive the song. The song’s lyrics deal with a young girl losing herself in her lust for fame and notoriety and getting caught up in all of the problems that go along with chasing that type of dream.

With The Upwelling’s An American Stranger, the band hasn’t broken any new musical ground, but they have proved that when it comes to the Indie rock/modern rock style of music they have what it takes to take their rightful place on the genre’s ladder.

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