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Darwin Green

June 28, 2008

Position: Senior Editor

Location: Sherman Oaks, CA

Bio: Born March 4th, 1981 in Ojai, CA. Grew up writing and listening to music. Went to boarding school for high school. Worked in the Los Angeles entertainment industry for seven years in various fields. Currently working as a writer/lyricist in the Los Angeles area.

Likes: Everything that sounds good. I love experimental, electronica, classic rock, indie, classical, world, and stuff that pushes the boundaries the most. Some bands include (though hard to list just a few), Animal Collective, Phoenix, Metric, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, Of Montreal, Pixies, Shins…I need to stop there or else I could go on for days.

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Jeff Markunas

June 28, 2008

Position: Americana/Country Editor

Location: Chicago, IL

Bio: I was born with a Tele in one hand and a keyboard in the other (Sorry, Mom). I wrote my first song at age 5, and since then, I’ve played 20 years worth of gigs in clubs and on Tour. I’ve played with and seen the mundane and the musical geniuses of several decades.

I’ve also paid dues as an Audio Technician and Amp Designer, both independently and with multi-national music companies. I understand what it takes to put together a guitar string, or a guitar band, and I can build a guitar amp or a guitar riff in my sleep.

Currently I’m masquerading as a Webmaster for a large suburban educational body
and trying to get the word out to CWG readers about interesting new americana, country, soul and blues bands

Likes: Any Band that appreciates the history of American music and is trying to push the envelope. Show me that you know where you came from and that you know where you want to go – I’ll support you 100 percent.

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Jason Coldiron

June 26, 2008

Position: Rock/Metal Editor

Location: Sacramento, CA

Bio: I am a freelance writer and have found a way to make a living doing what I love. Music is my true love and life’s passion. I am a bass player and still have the Rock N Roll dream, but I’m also realistic.

My primary mission on this website is to find and give a voice to as many bands as possible. ‘The cream will always rise to the top’ as they say, so my vision is to get as many people into the pot as possible so that they will have a chance.
In talking to bands I, of course, cover the basics, but my goal is much bigger. I want to know what makes them who they are and where the source of their artistic expression comes from. I am looking for the essence of what makes great music possible and to do that, I try to get into the minds and processes of musicians.

Likes: I believe that we have only scratched the surface of what is possible in music. I love any band that pushes boundaries. I can appreciate any music, even if it doesn’t do anything for me. In my own time, you will mostly find me listening to any variety of metal and experimental music. To that end, the gods of metal like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Pantera are high on my list, as are the artists of music such as Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, Tom Morello and Les Claypool.

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Colette Weintraub

June 25, 2008

Position: Contributor/Editor (Rock is a Girl’s Best Friend)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Bio: Colette is a strategist and social media marketing consultant with a passion for music and writing. Colette has worked with companies including: (RED), Discovery Channel, Warner Bros., MySpace, Atlantic Records, RCA/BMG/Sony, Interscope, Fox, Music Today, Dreamworks, Disney,, and AEG. She’s created and executed marketing campaigns for musicians whom are lauded as “brilliant” (and they are), and who don’t want you to know they hire marketing people, so they’re not listed here.

Colette sees a lot of live music – sometimes as many as 3 shows in one night. She’s traveled to Dublin to see U2, to London to attend Live 8, and is a resident at festivals in the U.S. including: New Orleans JazzFest, All Points West, Bonnaroo, Rothbury, Outside Lands, Coachella, and Vegoose (RIP). Some of her favorite live performances to date are: U2 in Dublin (2005), Nine Inch Nails at The Henry Fonda Theater (2009), Radiohead at The Hollywood Bowl (every time), and Springsteen at Bonnaroo (2009).

Likes: Music (are you looking for something more specific?)

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Kelly KO

June 21, 2008

Position: Political Columnist/Editor (KO Zine)

Location: San Pedro, CA

Bio: Kelly KO recently graduated with her B.A. in communications with a minor in political science. She grew up in a small town in the Midwest. At the age of 20, she moved to NYC to work in the music industry. She moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago after visiting once and realizing she never wanted to see snow again. The 26-year-old deejays in her spare time and she’s also working on an independent magazine (“zine”) that she hopes to produce this summer. She is currently applying to grad schools.

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Grace Koh

June 20, 2008

Position: Columnist (GK ClusterF*ck)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Bio: I’m an Iowa girl…born & raised. (That seems to shock the shit out of most.) I just spent 2 cultureless years in Vegas. (No…I wasn’t a stripper.) I’ve been in Print Production & Graphic Design for nearly 8 years. Then I told my wildly successful professional career to “f*ck off” so I could finally bite the bullet. At the end of April 2009, I moved to L.A. with -$1800 in my bank account…and a cliché dream to go freelance.

Other random facts about me: I legally divorced my parents when I was 16. I was a fully licensed stock broker at 23. I’ve informally interviewed with the CIA for a clandestine agent position overseas. I’ve designed and managed projects for the biggest names in the liquor/brewing industries, for the most prevalent casinos in Vegas. Because of all this? I can’t get hired as a waitress in L.A. (despite desperate, repeated attempts). Aside from writing, I dabble in many ventures. Sketch Comedy. Stand-up. Music. Art. Oh-so-much more. Most days you’ll find me typing away in my breathtaking studio, scrupulously editing my latest non-fiction work or comedy sketch. Learn more about me at

Likes: (I have an affinity for…) farmers market. miniature things. points of ellipsis. old maps. typewriters. used book stores. kraft paper. office supplies. weekend getaways. latin. power tools. wood grain. snail mail. occasionally falling utterly in love with a complete stranger. very old houses. polaroid. a cleverly employed post script. foreign languages (particularly singing in them). things made by hand. windows. being ridiculous. manual cameras. trains. daydreams. astronomy. paper. randomness. the smell of scotch tape. the part of harmony in music. graphic novels. hardwood floors. independent films. genealogy. slide & overhead projectors. cigar boxes. obscurity. collecting books. paper & pantone swatches. silhouettes. museums. hydrangeas. art.

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Topher Jenkins

June 20, 2008

Position: Columnist (More Underground Than China)

Location: Sacramento, CA

Bio: Chris is a writer who treads lightly and carries a big stick — literally. He mastered the didgeridoo early in life, and has been traveling the world with the lengthy wooden instrument ever since. He’s recognized as a performer, but prefers to use the written word to unfurl this generation’s deeper truths. If you ask him for a word of advice, he’s likely to say, “Refine your style to a niche.”

Likes: Chris enjoys music that makes him laugh, like Ween. If he’s working on something difficult or serious, it’s Deftones; only loosening up when MGMT plays in clubs. He’s currently finding an interest in Sacramento indie bands, Be Brave Bold Robot, Goodness Gracious Me, Phantom Jets, and Prieta. Rare and peaceful world-beats, like Yat-Kha, comprise his penultimate musical preference, especially in type-A traffic jams. Overall what he listens to the most is dated underground hip hop that stirs thoughts, like Binary Star, Blueprint, Eyedea and Abilities, Living Legends, People Under the Stairs, Sage Francis, Visionaries, and Zion I.

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Christopher Martinez

June 20, 2008

Position: Live Show Correspondent (No-Cal)

Location: Sacramento, CA

Bio: I play guitar and eat, sleep, live music. I really like going to shows, even local unknown bands. I’m also a professional photographer.

Likes: I’m really into punk, pop punk, power pop, emo, indie, ska, grunge and much more. Some of my favorite bands include: Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Nirvana, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Gallows, Anti-Flag, Midtown, Forever The Sickest Kids, 3OH!3, Cobra Starship, New Found Glory, Danger Radio, and many more.

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David Carr

June 20, 2008

Position: Live Show Correspondent (Los Angeles)

Location: Long Beach, CA

Bio:David Carr is the assistant director of new teacher development and recruitment for a charter school management organization. David divides his time between going to education job fairs, both in and out of state, to recruit the most outstanding candidates to teach in charter schools throughout the greater Los Angeles area. When he is not working with first year teachers, he is a freelance writer, interviewing bands/artists and writing reviews of CDs and live shows. David was a 1993 Los Angeles Teach for America corps member. David is also a featured writer for Associated Content, an online magazine. He has taught at Compton High School Franklin Middle School, Animo Venice Charter High School and was a Teach for America program director in Los Angeles from 1998-2001.

Likes: Rock, alternative, hip-hop, punk, reggae, funk, blues, old school soul, metal – Foo Fighters, King’s of Leon, The Roots, TV On the Radio, Living Colour, Common, De La Soul, Social Distortion, Yeah Yeah Yeahs…the list goes on and on!

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Amanda Mac

June 19, 2008

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Bio: My name is Amanda Mac and I am a 23-year-old gal living in Los Angeles. I grew up in a small town in the Bay Area where most of my weekends were spent listening to friends play shows in their garages, awww nostalgia. After spending 17 years in a small town I decided college would need to spice things up a bit and enrolled in San Francisco State University where i graduated with a BA in television broadcasting with an emphasis in writing for the internet. After living in SF for 4 years I bounced around a bit between various Bay Area locations and NYC. In May I woke up and found myself in LA, weird right? Well, that is enough about me. FIN.

Likes: I am a fairly girly -girl who hangs out with all dudes so my music has a very wide variety. My first concert ever was BSB however, my 18th birthday was spent at a Gwar show. Some of my current favorite music is: Of Montreal, Wave Machines, The Kill, Mock Orange, Discovery, Ra Ra Riot, Q and Not U, and basically anything I can dance to.