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Mike Herrera’s Tumbledown – The Butcher Of San Antone

August 27, 2009

MIKE HERRERA’S TUMBLEDOWN have partnered with HOT TOPIC’S SHOCKHOUND internet site to premiere the new video for their single, “Butcher of San Antone”. The track is the second single from he bands self-titled debut album, released through End Sounds earlier this year.

Mike Herrera is best known as the front-man of MxPx, but has been writing country music since 1998, and claims some of the industry greats as his influences; such songwriting legends as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Bill Monroe. MIKE HERRERA’S TUMBLEDOWN captures the punk rock energy of MxPx, while also displaying the soulful experiences of Herrera’s travels along the lonely, open road, coining their own unique pop-punk-a-billy sound.

Sticking to their DIY roots, the band teamed up with Dallas-based video director, Joe the Visualist (Joe Harris) to create their interpretation of a classic comic book from the 60’s (Eerie Comics). Herrera illustrates the song as “the story of a vigilante priest out for revenge. It’s a comic book, pulp-style story and is definitely set apart from our other songs. It’s seedy and sleezy, just the way I like it. I think anyone can get into a story of murder and revenge. Don’t you?”

Mike Herrera’s Tumbledown

August 25, 2009

Label: End Sounds
Rating: 4 Guns

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Mike Herrera's Tumbledown

Written By: Darwin Green

Mike Herrera of MXPX, turns the levels up on production level and originality to present an alt-country, punk, psychobilly work of art.

As though taking a blessing from the Reverend Horton Heat’s self-described “country-fed punkabilly” sound, Mike Herrera makes it his own, leaving little room for detractors. Shifting from country acoustic folk songs to all-American punk rock, a la Social Distortion to the punkabilly-fueled drive of Horton Heat mentioned above, Herrera exposes some veins not before shown in his musical repertoire. Herrera draws out of these genres what the audience takes in from listening: pure, unadulterated, dynamite quality music straight from the heart.

He’s basically taken all of the passion evident in his punk rock days and applied them to apparently suppressed feelings of the country spirit. One can feel the boots stomping on floors covered in sawdust soaking up the beer spilt from the outer edges of the mosh pit. Where Horton Heat broke through Herrera has revitalized and refined. Each song, whatever style, delivers blows from the feelings of abandonment, loss, and irreverence country music best evokes. Funny enough, punk best reveals the same categories of emotion. No wonder the mix makes for good bedfellows.

“Son of a Gun,” among others, stands out both lyrically and musically. The singer mentions his days are numbered, and in a bluesy fashion the backing singer actually counts the numbers. The song has a great melody, a great hook, and great lyrics to boot (no pun intended). Its stripped-down style fits with the yearning sentimentality that it expresses.

Great album.

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