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Morning Fuzz Spreads the Word and Shoots for Modern Rock Success

September 16, 2009

Written By: David Carr

Upstart Modern Rock Band Releases Debut EP – One of the newest bands to enter the world of modern rock is New York’s own Morning Fuzz. The band has released their debut disc, a five song EP that in some ways may remind you of early 90’s modern rock. The band tempers an indie rock feel with bursts of energy, tough sounding melodies and colorful, introspective lyrics. Frontman, Frank Fussa (I dare you to say that three times fast) brought me up to speed recently on his new band and how they hope they can spread the “fuzz”.

David Carr: Frank, how long has Morning Fuzz been together?

Frank Fussa: We have been together for a little over a year now, since last spring.

DC: Talk to me about the recording of your EP. What was that like?

FF: The recording took about 5-6 months because of our work schedules. We would be back and forth recording a few hour sessions at a time because we were working on basically no budget. We recorded it with our friend Jason Marcus, who has worked with my old band Ultra High Frequency. Then we sent it out to Seattle to get mixed by Barrett Jones (best known for his work with Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Fall of Troy) who also worked with my old band on our last recording.

DC: What would you say are your main influences as a songwriter?

FF: I’d say my biggest influences are the bands I loved growing up, mostly in the 90’s alternative period of music. Every time I hear music from that time, it brings back these really good vibes that do not exist anymore in the current music that is out. Now you really have to dig through all the garbage that is coming out for any kind of inspiration!!

DC: Your band is based in Brooklyn correct? If so, tell me about the vibrant music scene there and how Morning Fuzz has become a part to of it.
FF: Chris (the bass player) and I are living in Brooklyn, but I’d say we are more based in Long Island. That’s where our rehearsal space is and that’s where we grew up. There are so many bands in Brooklyn and Manhattan and they are part of the Electronic scene, so it’s hard for us to fit in around here.

It’s hard to get attention as a 3-piece rock band, ya know? It will be our turn to play at a show and people will see that we aren’t dressed up in a glorified Halloween costume and that we don’t have a computer on stage and they will all bounce out of the club quickly!! HA!!!

DC: You seem to paint many interesting pictures with your lyrics. What inspires you lyrically?

FF: Hmm — Whatever I’m feeling at the time when I pick up my guitar, basically inspires me to write. Just every day things like my surroundings, people, going to different places and seeing certain things, etc. I like going to the beach when there is no one there, even in the winter when it’s all gray out — the sounds of the ocean — that can inspire me a lot.

DC: What’s the plan now that the disc is out? Are you looking to jump on an indie label?

FF: Now that the EP is finally done and going to be released on iTunes, our goal is to keep working on our home fan Base in NY. We will also tour as much as we can and branch out as much as possible and keep going back so the vibe keeps growing in all the areas. Hopefully, we will branch out of the US also and just spread the Fuzz hard around the world.

I have a bunch of songs written, and we have been working on them, so we can hopefully record again soon and put out another record by next year. Ya gotta keep ’em coming! As far as labels and music industry goes, It looks really bleek. We have been doing all of the work ourselves, busting our asses to fund everything, booking shows and tours, mailing out cds to reviewers and radio stations, etc…If a label reaches out and wants to help us in a good way, then we will totally consider it.

If you are on the east coast, check out Morning Fuzz and be prepared to take a closer look at what the “fuzz” is all about.