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Flight of the Conchords – I Told You I Was Freaky

November 5, 2009
Flight of the Conchords – I Told You I Was Freaky

Written By: Justin Rands

Label: Sub Pop – Rating:

I guess these guys weren’t kidding when they started to tackle this music thing. Many thought the New Zealand comedy duo would be a flash in the pan but luckily for us, the albums keep on coming, and after listening to this new album, “I Told You I Was Freaky,” they seem to be getting better.

The duo, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, the now HBO induced celebrities, were flatmates at Victoria University of Wellington, and luckily for them were heading into the same field of film and theatre. After throwing ideas around for a while they decided to form the group “Flight of the Conchords” in 1998.

They played and played, hitting random television gigs, and festivals, gathering awards and getting hype. HBO finally contacted them and gave them their own stand up comedy series, “One Night Stand.” Then after performing at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas and then later on David Letterman, they finally gathered the songs they had been playing over the years and released, “The Distant Future” EP, which, in 2007, they won a Grammy for, Best Comedy Album. One album later, flash-forward to 2009 and they’ve released their latest, “I Told You I Was Freaky.”

Keeping in touch with their satirical roots, they dive and explore the feelings you get from daily social situations like, hm, well, we’ve all experienced this: You end up going to a club, even though you don’t really want to, and once you’re there, there are with too many guys there for your own liking. There are some girls, but they’re all ridiculously hot and only dancing with each other and all the guys are gawking at them, some even try to dance with them, but to no avail. Well, what do you know, they sing about this on, “Too Many Dicks (On the Dance Floor)”.

Or there are songs about having little to no skill in anything, and you’re broke, and the only solution you can think of is reverting to prostitution. Yes, that songs called, “You Don’t Have Be A Prostitute.” And lines like “I see you girls looking at my junk, checking out my rump, then back to my sugarlumps,” appear on satirical rap song, “Sugalumps.”

For all you cult fans out there I’m sure you won’t be disappointed when listening to the group’s new material. They poke fun at every genre and every random situation they can. I’m sure out of the thirteen songs on here they’ll be one that you can laugh and connect with.

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