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Warren J. McCrickard

June 19, 2008

Position: Reviews Writer (Female-Fronted)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Bio: Born and bred a Southern boy, Warren J now resides in the North East LA community of Eagle Rock. Since moving here over five years ago, he has created for himself a niche in both the film and music world. He works at Summit Entertainment and owns his own music management company, YNM Management. He is fortunate to have the greatest wife in the world and is thankful to be apart of such a talented staff of writers. So inspired by Chick With Guns, Warren J thought he might start a site called Dudes with a Curling Irons but thought better of it.

Likes: I like music that is challenging; that provides thought and inspiration. I spend a lot of time listening to real jazz (not smooth jazz) – – Folk, Americana, Indie, Indian, Singer/Songwriter, sophisticated Hip-Hop, and lax Latin. I enjoy artists like Alexa Woodward, Damien Rice, Iron & Wine, Jeben Marshall, Common, Drew Stedman, Adele, Citizen Cope, Grizzly Bear, Lauryn Hill (I miss you!), She & Him, The Decemberists, U2, The Beatles, Seu Jorge, and occasionally Kelly Clarkson, Third Eye Blind, and ODB (You gotta have Pop and Rap crushes!).

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