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Andy Yorke – Simple

August 3, 2009

Label: Chocolate Lab Records
Rating: 4 Guns

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Andy Yorke

Written By: Darwin Green

This reviewer read recently that Andy Yorke hates being compared to a certain famous artist, with whom he’s related, so I will refrain from mentioning that name from this review.

That being said, I think genetics do account for many traits in a person, and Andy Yorke definitely shares favorable genetic traits within the realm of musical creativity and ability with a certain someone. Through little else than a guitar, subtle arrangements, mild electronica embellishments, and vocals he exposes a tortured, lonely, angst-filled soul. I can’t say exactly what he’s calling out for, but it fills the ears of the listener with the sweet embrace of its sometimes cracked and torn melodies. Though I think A. Yorke hasn’t fully blossomed, the beautiful flower is waiting to burst forth, judging from the bud of this album.

The influence of, let’s say, someone who has spent a lot of time with him, shines through in certain spots, but mostly with vocal idiosyncrasies. “Mathilda” is a good example. The plaintive wailing on this track reminds one that an artist takes things around them and makes them their own. In this case it could just be good genes, or good surroundings mixed with good genes.

All in all, this album demonstrates the blossoming of a new talent, apparently long in the making. If all goes well for Andy Yorke I think a bright star is not too long in rising over the horizon.

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