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Josh Tremba

June 17, 2008

Position: Contributing Writer (Politics)

Location: Forest Falls, CA

Bio: I am a English school dropout. Or is it, an English school dropout? Who cares, as long as you know what I mean. The school I dropped out of was Shippensburg University in central Pennsylvania, otherwise knows as Amish wonderland. I decided to move westward to the Golden Coast, where dreams come true. Five years passed and I am still in Southern California, now I just need to figure out what the ‘dream’ really is, and where the hell its hiding.

Interests: A quote from Jack Kerouac’s “The Dharma Bums” recently caught my attention: “…my karma was to be born in America where nobody has any fun or believes in anything, especially freedom.” Although this quote hold tinges of Hinduism and reincarnation, it shapes a critique of the American standard of living by comparing it with Buddhist allegory and all the while opening up to what kind of society we are capable of. That’s a lot to take in for a small quote if you ask me, that’s why I never finished the book. I don’t think Jack ever wanted me to finish it. If he did he wouldn’t have put all these ridiculously thought provoking quotes in it. The Buddha found true freedom by eliminating suffering and abiding by logical life rules. I suppose like a lot of people, my main interest in life is pursuing true freedom of mind and soul. Whether it be sliding down a snowy peak, sipping coffee on perfectly dreary day, or watching the right flock of birds fly overhead on the right sunset. In particular, I believe music and art are the most freeing of all. that is because they are the most important languages we posses. A beautifully composed song, or well done art can communicate ideas where words just don’t suffice. Let me draw you a picture, you will understand then.

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