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The Swimmers – People Are Soft

September 10, 2009

“To start again, we’re the lucky ones” opens “Shelter,” the first track on People Are Soft, with the sound of a band reinventing itself. Philadelphia’s The Swimmers are set to release People are Soft on November 3, 2009 via MAD Dragon Records (ADA), a towering, vulnerable sophomore album that is a debut in its own right.

Following 2008’s Fighting Trees-The Swimmers’ first release on MAD Dragon which garnered rave reviews from The Philadelphia Inquirer, Magnet, The Tripwire and Time Out Chicago, making their Artist to Watch and Top Ten Year End Polls-Steve and Krista Yutzy-Burkey, Scott French and Rick Sieber decided to make a clean break, build a home studio from the ground up and record an album entirely themselves. The result is intensely personal songwriting couched in distorted synthesizer hooks, crushed electric guitars and swelling reverb trails. “It was a very focused and isolated time. Scott and I traded back and forth, refining and affecting the mixes.I think we all journeyed pretty deep inside ourselves during the project,” said lead singer/songwriter Steve. I’m including a link to a John Hughes tribute music video that was created by a fan – music for the song “What This World is Coming To” is synched to the images, followed by the track listing for the new album.