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50 Cent Screens “Before I Self Destruct”

November 12, 2009

Written By: Victoria H. (Urban Editor)

50 Cent made a special appearance at the AMC 16 in Burbank yesterday to talk to his fans and screen his newest movie, “Before I Self Destruct” (also the name of his new album, releasing on 11/16).

Fans were lined up around the block for the screening, waving pictures and posters, wearing G-Unit clothing and blasting 50’s music. As the crowd entered the theater at 7:45pm, 50’s new album was playing. Fans begun dancing in the aisles and texting and calling everyone they knew to brag about where they were.

At 8:35pm, the music stopped and a voice came over the loudspeaker saying “What’s up everyone? You like the record?” Cheers, clapping and screaming filled the room as 50 Cent took the stage. 50 said that he was happy to in Burbank with his fans to show them his labor of love “Before I Self Destruct,” a film he wrote and directed. 50 told the crowd how he has made four albums, over 60 music videos and countless films. Working with talented producers, writers and directors inspired 50 to branch out and focus on his other talents.

With that said, 50 sat with the audience (and two rows away from me) to watch the movie. The movie is about Clarence (50 Cent,) a basketball player who suffers an injury which prevents him from playing in the pros and his family’s struggle to survive. When his mother is tragically gunned down, Clarence is consumed by grief and revenge and takes up a life of crime in order to support his little brother. The movie will be included with the “Before I Self Destruct” CD.

When the lights came up, the audience applauded and 50 waved goodbye. As the fans exited, you could see them texting and calling again to brag (and I can’t blame them as I was doing the same.)

The movie is a great debut for 50 as he created characters with depth and a wide range of emotions. 50 said that this is just the start of his writing and directing career as he is working another project that will start filming in December.